About Prism

Since 2002, Prism Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing LED consumer product (Desk lamp, Portable lantern, Cabinet lighting, etc,) on the basis of functional and ergonomic design also with light’s essential quality such as light distribution and energy efficiency. Prism has the largest domestic production site for LED consumer product (Total : about 5,000m²) and due to our outstanding quality product, we are achieving national top LED product maker.
Prism currently has four sub-brand that shares same identity with prism. The identity of Prism can be summarized in three.
1. Design : Intuitive design that pursues beauty in living
2. Quality : Achieving high quality with innovative product and efficient production
3. User-friendly : Always satisfying customer's need and offer product that gives comfort.


2015 : Clamp-on LED desk lamp [BroadWing] released

2014 : USB charging and simple design LED desk lamp released

2014: PSE (JAPAN) certified for LED lantern ‘CLAYMORE’(MINI,S,M)

2014: Patent (10-1452369) achieved for cabinet lighting

2014: Released cabinet lighting with furniture company HANSSEM and ILOOM

2014: Patent (10-1319502) achieved for LED lantern ‘CLAYMORE’

2013 : Rechargeable outdoor LED lantern 'CLAYMORE' released

2013 : CCT changing TLC-4300 LM79 listed for 'Lighting For Tomorrow'

2012 : Energy Star (Commercial) Certificate of Conformity

2011 : ETL, FCC certified (USA) and CE certified (Europe)

2011 : Cooperation with multi-national groups and chains (Costco)

2010 : Established branch (Prism America) in USA

2009 : Color temperature adjusting LED desk lamp released

2008 : GD (Good Design) mark acquired

2007 : Cell phone charging inverter desk lamp released

2007 : Appointed for prosperous Business in Gyeonggi province

2006 : INNO-BIZ enterprise appointed

2005 : Product liability Insured

2004 : Superior technology company selected

2004 : Venture business registered

2003 : KS certified

2003 : ISO 9001 acquired

2002 : Establishment of Prism Co.,Ltd.



Prism has been keeping firm and strong relationship with major distributing companies in national. What we needed to keep this going was showing that we will never break the trust. We are always open to a new partner to make another remarkable history together.